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Welcome to Energy-Matters


My name is Michele La Gamba-Himmel. My life's joy is to help people empower themselves and teach them to set their spirits free. The ability to connect to one's own energy source is the basis for healing. I guide people to reach out to this invisible field where pure intelligence, wisdom, love, compassion, prosperity, and physical, emotional and spiritual healing reside. It is an expansive place where infinite possibilities exist. This process of discovery combines various techniques and knowledge that enable each individual to experience profound spiritual healing. I guide and instruct individuals (many of whom are prominent medical doctors) and groups about how to access "healing energy," for themselves and others, in person and remotely.


You often hear people saying "everything is energy." But they just as often say, "I just don't have enough of it-I need more." What is energy? We cannot see it. But we can feel it. Energy is the basis of everything. It is the basis of life. Einstein expressed this in his famous equation E=MC2 - that is, energy creates all matter and all matter is energy. Our thoughts and our emotions are energy. Together they have the potential to create feelings and beliefs which then can manifest everything from living in a beautiful house, working at the desired job, altering physical conditions, reaching athletic goals to designing a different life and world.

Looking at the world, we see form vibrating at different energetic frequencies. We define form as matter. It includes rocks, trees, mountains, buildings, humans, in other words, all things. Simply stated a rock has a denser or lower frequency than a human being. Each human vibrates at a different frequency. The higher the vibration of the frequency, the more conscious the person is. Yogis call vibrating energy "prana." The Chinese call it "qi." Scientists describe it as the energy field. Theologians refer to it as God. For our purposes, we will call it "healing energy." It is a life force, an extreme high-frequency energy that heals and transforms matter. Just as a fingerprint is different for every human being, so too is energy. It is a unique vibrating frequency that each and every individual and every thing on this planet emits. By developing certain "antenna," we have access to each person's energy signature.

The Key

The key is to learn a new heart-centered language that accesses change on the cellular level. This new language speaks via an alphabet of feelings or frequencies and generates communication through a universal field. By learning how to connect to numerous transmissions through meditation, breath, visualizations, techniques and initiations, pathways open to allow for communication and reception throughout the body's energy centers (chakras). Finally, in this altered state of consciousness, the healing energy is transmitted to the specific cellular group in an individual or any other form of matter.